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Oct 8 2013

What's New & Notable In Philly's Restuarant Scene This Fall?

A New Old-School Trattoria, A Broad Street Bar Revival, A Vegan Fast Food Restaurant & More

Fall brings a colorful slate of restaurant openings to Philadelphia. On the list are new locations for local quick spots Plenty and HipCityVeg, along with a contemporary reboot of Fork’s next door café and several Euro-centric bring-your-own-bottle (BYOB) spots. Here are just a few of the region’s autumnal additions, arriving just in time for turtleneck season:

Recent Openings:

  • Long-running casual market-cafe Fork:etc. was recently reborn as High Street on Market, showcasing chef Eli Kulp’s creative cookery in the form of delicious pastries and breads and inventive salads, pasta dishes and sandwiches by day and contemporary American cuisine focused on
Sep 26 2013

With Art Philadelphia™ Extended For Third Year

Campaign Aims To Show Why A Visit To Philadelphia Is Better With Art

The Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (GPTMC) and its partners are extending the With Art Philadelphia™ collaborative campaign to a third year, starting this fall. This decision follows two years of successfully showcasing Philadelphia’s impressive visual arts scene and establishing Philadelphia as a destination for art. The theme for year three will be “A visit to Philadelphia is better with art.”

“People are getting it: If you want to experience art, you should be in Philadelphia, and that’s the message we’ll keep promoting in year three,” said Meryl Levitz, president and CEO of GPTMC. “They come to see treasures by

Sep 26 2013

A Thriving Creative Class Makes Philadelphia A "Workshop Of The World" For The Modern Age

Artisans & Technophiles Rev Up City’s Post-Industrial Engines

Since its inception, Philadelphia has drawn the nation’s most creative entrepreneurs and progressive thinkers. These inventive minds have founded the country’s first art museum and school (Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts), constructed state-of-the-art 19th-century textile mills and started what continues to be the most influential mural arts program in the world (Mural Arts Program). In the 21st century, Philadelphia continues to breed top talent in the fields of technology, fashion, design and manufacturing. These “makers” work in studios, labs and workshops in the neighborhoods and towns of Philadelphia and The Countryside®, where visitors can

Sep 24 2013

Philadelphia Marks Its Modernist—And French—Moment

Visitors Can Celebrate The Philadelphia Museum Of Art’s Léger Exhibit By Discovering The City’s Many Connections To The Artist & His Style

The Léger: Modern Art and the Metropolis exhibition opens on October 14, 2013 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA)—its only American showing—and visitors to the exhibition are encouraged to explore the metropolis of Philadelphia and its many modernist and French connections. The exhibit, which runs through January 4, 2014, includes 160 works, centered on Léger’s post-Cubist masterpiece The City (1919), as well as pieces by other renowned artists of the period such as Mondrian, Cassandre and van Doesburg. Outside the PMA, visitors can turn their attention to the region’s many French cultural, gastronomic and architectural influences of the

Aug 23 2013

Philadelphia Marks 10 Years Of Gay Marketing With New TV Commercial

Miss Richfield 1981’s Selfie Tour Showcases Philadelphia’s Photo-Worthy Attractions, Nightlife & People

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its award-winning Philadelphia – Get Your History Straight and Your Nightlife Gay® campaign, the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (GPTMC) is set to release its second commercial geared toward the LGBT traveler. In 2004, GPTMC produced the first TV commercial by a U.S. destination for the LGBT travel market.

“Ten years ago, Philadelphia was proud to officially ‘come out’ as a gay-friendly destination when we invited LGBT travelers to visit,” said Meryl Levitz, president and CEO of GPTMC. “With our new commercial, we’re going beyond our history roots and reiterating our invitation, celebrating both


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Aug 22 2013

Visit Philly Expands Instagram Programs

Next Up: A Public Art Photo Contest & More Guest Instagrammers

The Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (GPTMC) continues to innovate with the image-building photo-sharing app Instagram. Here are two new ways the Visit Philly Instagram account engages its 5,700 followers:

  1. Philadelphia Public Art Photo Contest: Beginning on August 22, 10 people have the chance to win a membership to one of Philadelphia’s cultural institutions or an art-filled Philadelphia getaway by snapping a photo of public art—murals, sculptures, gardens or paintings in museums and galleries—in the Philadelphia region. Part of the With Art Philadelphia campaign, the contest encourages user-generated photography of Philadelphia’s abundant arts scene. To submit, users upload an
Aug 20 2013

World's Only Benjamin Franklin Museum To Open In Philadelphia On August 24

Museum Honors Life & Legacy Of Famed Founding Father

When the new Benjamin Franklin Museum opens in Philadelphia on Saturday, August 24, visitors can delve into all aspects of Franklin’s life, from his role as statesman and diplomat to his life as a private citizen, inventor, philosopher and more. Built next to the site where Franklin actually lived in the mid 1700s, the underground museum was originally built for the 1976 Bicentennial celebration. Now, after undergoing a major transformation, the revitalized site will feature personal artifacts, computer animations and interactive displays. It is the only museum in the world dedicated to the life, times and legacy of this extraordinary

Aug 19 2013

Benjamin Franklin Museum

New Museum Opens In Independence National Historical Park

This is an Independence National Historical Park press release.

The Benjamin Franklin Museum in Independence National Historical Park is re-opening to the public after a two year renovation project. Visitors are invited to Museum Preview Days, August 24 through September 19. The Grand Opening for the museum will be September 20, following a reception on September 19 organized by the Friends of Independence National Historical Park.

Dedicated to the life, times and legacy of Benjamin Franklin, the revitalized features personal artifacts, computer animations and interactive displays exploring Franklin’s life and character. Visitors of all ages will be able to immerse

Aug 19 2013

Fact Sheet: Benjamin Franklin Museum Fast Facts

This is an Independence National Historical Park fact sheet.

With 9,500 square feet of exhibit space, the Benjamin Franklin Museum includes:


  • 45 historical artifacts, mostly 18th-century (with a few 19th & early-20th-century exceptions)
  • Oldest artifact: Mastodon tooth fossil – Fossilized stone / Independence National Historical Park / This tooth, found at Franklin Court in 1959, likely was among a group of fossils sent to Franklin in London in 1767. Franklin found the fossils “extremely curious.” Discovered near the Ohio River, they came from a mastodon, an ancient, elephant-like creature.
  • Largest artifact: Sedan
Aug 19 2013

Fact Sheet: Franklin By The Numbers

This is an Independence National Historical Park fact sheet.

  • In 1706 Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, and would be one of 17 children fathered by his father Josiah Franklin.
  • Circa 1717, at the age of 14 Franklin created his first invention, swim flippers!
  • In 1718, at the age of 12, Benjamin Franklin was apprenticed to his brother James to work in James’ printing house.
  • In 1722, at the age of 16, Benjamin Franklin’s “Silence Doogood” letters were published in his brother’s newspaper, Boston’s New England Courant.
  • In 1723 Benjamin Franklin arrived in Philadelphia, a 17 year old runaway apprentice
Aug 19 2013

Walking In Franklin's Philadelphia Footsteps

Itinerary Inspired By The Life & Legacy Of Benjamin Franklin

LOCATION: Historic District, Center City and University City

TRANSPORTATION: By foot in Historic District, by taxi or Septa for locations beyond

TIME: Three days, two nights

SUMMARY: Featured on, this exploration beckons visitors to follow Benjamin Franklin through the streets of his adopted city, where he invented many institutions and products still in use today and where later generations have created many attractions that honor his legacy. The itinerary starts at the newly renovated Benjamin Franklin Museum, full of Franklin’s possessions, inventions and interactive games to help visitors better understand one of history’s most prolific men.



Aug 19 2013

Fact Sheet: Benjamin Franklin’s Philadelphia Legacy

Benjamin Franklin’s presence is everywhere in Philadelphia. Here’s a look at some of the many places visited by, founded by and for, inspired by or named for the city’s most famous citizen, including the new Benjamin Franklin Museum, a National Park Service site that honors the Founding Father’s life and legacy.

Founded To Honor Franklin:

  • Benjamin Franklin Museum – The life of Benjamin Franklin will once again hold court in Franklin Court, where the underground museum reopens in August 2013 after a two-year renovation. The revamped museum features artifacts and interactive exhibitions that chronicle the inventor’s life as a
Aug 19 2013

Fact Sheet: Benjamin Franklin Inventions

Benjamin Franklin’s Legacy Of Inventions, Discoveries & Observations

Inventor. Diplomat. Scientist. Entrepreneur. Catalyst. Benjamin Franklin was quite a busy man. In his 84 years, he invented, discovered and improved many of the devices and civic institutions that people rely on today. Here’s a look:

He invented:

  • Swim fins (1717)
  • Franklin/Pennsylvania stove (1741)
  • Lightning rod (1750)
  • Flexible catheter (1752)
  • 24-hour, three-wheel clock that was much simpler than other designs of the day (1757)
  • Glass armonica, a simple musical instrument made of spinning glass (1762)
  • Bifocals (1784)
  • Long arm (extension arm) to reach high books (1786)

He discovered:

  • Ways to keep streets cleaner and deal with waste management

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Aug 19 2013

Benjamin Franklin's Resume

Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

CAREER OBJECTIVE: Secure a challenging position or positions in which I can apply my collaboration, mediation and relationship-building skills to create a better world


  • Completed two years of elementary education
  • Participated in self-education program, reading the works of Plutarch, Daniel Defoe and Cotton Mather, among others (lifetime activity)
  • Awarded honorary degrees from Harvard and Yale (1753)
  • Awarded honorary Master of Arts degree from William and Mary College (1756)
  • Awarded honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland (1759)
  • Awarded honorary doctorate degree from Oxford University, England
Aug 19 2013

Poll: Ben Franklin's Inventiveness & Bifocals Get Rave Reviews

GPTMC’s “Philly Friends” Panel Weighs In As The Benjamin Franklin Museum Opens This Week

Inspired by the new Benjamin Franklin Museum, opening on Saturday, August 24, 2013, the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (GPTMC) polled their Philly Friends opinion panel about the city’s favorite Founding Father.

Question 1: What is Ben Franklin's most admirable trait? (sample size: 112)

  • His Inventiveness, 40.2%
  • His Love of Beer, 17.9%
  • His Wit, 17.0%
  • His Diplomatic Skills, 14.3%
  • His Clever Writing, 9.8%
  • His Fashion Sense, 0.9%

Question 2: Of all of Ben Franklin's inventions, which is your favorite? (sample size: 112)

  • Bifocals, 42.0%
  • Lightning Rod, 19.6%
  • Long Arm (used for reaching things on high shelves), 10.7%
  • Franklin Stove (furnace
Aug 13 2013

What's New & Notable In Philly's Restaurant Scene?

Hotspots Include A Jewish-Italian Deli, Mediterranean Fast Food, Indian Eats & More

There’s no such thing as too much heat in Philly kitchens—in fact, summer brings a whole new lineup of edible inspirations. There’s the region’s first Jewish-Italian deli (The Avenue Delicatessen), a bring-your-own cheesesteak spot (Garage), several Mediterranean fast-casual eateries (Ango Grill, Hummus Grill and Zoe’s Kitchen) and vacation-inspired goodies such as lobster rolls (Luke’s Lobster) and popsicles (Lil Pop Shop). Here’s what’s hot and cool in Philly’s restaurant scene this summer:

Recent Openings:

  • Bubbies and nonnas can eat in harmony at The Avenue Delicatessen in Lansdowne. The Italian-Jewish fusion fare includes

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Aug 7 2013

Los Sabores Latinos Transforman Los Vecindarios De Filadelpfia En Una Fiesta

Restaurantes, Bares, Galerías Y Tiendas Latinas Animan Los Vecindarios De La Ciudad

Los sabores Latinos de Filadelfia van más allá de los limites de Center City y del tradicional barrio Latino, el Centro de Oro. De acuerdo con el Censo 2010 la población hispana en Filadelfia creció un 46% del 2000 al 2010 y ahora representa el 12.3% de la población total de la ciudad. Así mismo, restaurantes latinos, galerías de arte y atracciones han crecido con esta tendencia en diferentes vecindarios étnicamente diversos—para el deleite de los residentes y visitantes de todos las raíces culturales. He aquí algunos lugares que le dan sabor a los barrios de la Ciudad del Amor


En Español

Aug 7 2013

Latino Flavors Turn Philadelphia Neighborhoods Into A Fiesta

City’s Neighborhoods Say Arriba To Latin Restaurants, Galleries & Artistic Attractions

Philadelphia’s Latin flair extends well past the boundaries of Center City and the city’s traditional Hispanic neighborhood, El Centro de Oro. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, from 2000-2010, the Hispanic population grew 46% in Philadelphia, representing 12.3% of the city’s total population. Latin restaurants, galleries and attractions have grown with the trend, popping up in ethnically diverse neighborhoods—much to the delight to residents and visitors of all backgrounds. Here are some places that put the amor in the City of Brotherly Love’s neighborhoods.

For more about Philadelphia’s thriving Latino culture, follow @PhillyTeAma on Twitter.

Fishtown & Nearby:

  • Loco
Aug 5 2013

New Food In Philadelphia's Gayborhood

Recent & Upcoming Additions Include Cupcakes, Red-Sauce Italian & Modern Indian Cuisine

Tucked inside the larger Midtown Village neighborhood, The Gayborhood has always been known as an enclave for lively nightspots and excellent restaurants. Now, with a new wave of openings, including chi-chi taverns, a biergarten/wursthouse, a second location for a popular Indian restaurant and the latest from 13th Street powerhouse couple Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran, the dining and drinking scene here tastes better than ever. Here’s a look at some of the newest spots in the area where locals and visitor can get their food and drink on:

Coming Soon:

  • In August, Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran are
Aug 2 2013

Philadelphia Welcomes New Hotels & Major Upgrades In 2013

On the Horizon: Navy Yard Courtyard By Marriott & Home2 Suites Philadelphia

Visitors to Philadelphia are sleeping easier than ever in 2013, thanks to a flurry of hotel activity that’s taking shape in the form of new properties, major upgrades and boutique-brand conversions. Here’s a look at Philadelphia’s hotel happenings in 2013 and beyond:

Brand New:

  • Located just steps away from the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Reading Terminal Market and Chinatown, Home2 Suites by Hilton will open on August 6, 2013, becoming the brand’s first downtown Philadelphia property and the first newly developed hotel in Philadelphia since the expansion of the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Of the 246 studios, 22 are one-bedroom suites