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Jan 31 2014

New Restaurants Heat Up Philadelphia's Dining Scene This Winter

On The Menu: Meaty Dishes, A French Restaurant Revival, Hispanic Food & More

There’s no such thing as winter hibernation for Philadelphia’s acclaimed dining scene. Local restaurateurs are busier than ever opening up new establishments. Among the options are carnivorous meals, French classics, Spanish-inflected eats and sweet treats to top it all off. Here’s a look at some of the most eagerly anticipated newcomers this season:

Recent Openings:

  • Top Chef Kevin Sbraga aims for second-time charm with The Fat Ham. The chef applies his ample talents to contemporary Southern cookin’ (hummus with boiled peanuts, country-fried lobster tail and macaroni and cheese with a barbecue potato chip crust) in a rustic-chic University City
Dec 23 2013

Five Of Philadelphia's Top Chefs Weigh In On City's Dining Scene

Chefs Dish On Favorite Restaurants, Best Markets, Secret Finds & More

Philadelphia’s charms as an eating town are increasingly well known—and increasingly well documented in national newspapers and magazines such as Food & Wine, The New York Times, The Washington Post, GQ and many, many others. But it’s also a city that harbors a fair number of hidden delights, which is exactly what makes eating here so much fun. Here, five local food luminaries share where they like to go on their off-hours, what they snack on late at night, their favorite low-cost meals and why they love to cook and dine in Philly.

A certified Iron Chef who’s

Jun 1 2013

Philadelphia Food Trucks Satisfy

The Mobile Food Movement Flourishes In Many City Neighborhoods Via Classic, Casual & Contemporary Cuisine

Say it five times fast: Philly’s fallen for food trucks. From Temple University’s campus to South Philly, the beyond-fun dining craze has truly boomed. If a diner craves something, chances are he or she can find it on wheels: brick-oven soppressata pizza, green-tea macaroons, gourmet mac and cheese, Spam musubi, sweet cream ice cream, pour-over coffee, along with staples such as soul food, cheesesteaks, crepes and falafels. Lunch seekers can find trucks all over the city, especially near universities, but they know to check Twitter and Facebook before they make a trip. These trucks have wheels and often use them

Jun 26 2013

The BYOB Restaurant: A Philly Phenomenon

Region Boasts 300-Plus Bring-Your-Own-Bottle Restaurants

Used to be, the culinary phenomenon synonymous with Philadelphia was a certain cheese-laden sandwich. And while cheesesteaks are as popular as ever, there’s a slightly higher brow—but similarly homegrown—dining tradition that is quintessentially Philadelphian: It’s the bring-your-own-bottle (BYOB) restaurant. The region’s BYOBs are typically cozy, family-run, laid-back and all about the food. Hungry diners can find them on dozens of corners in Center City, along avenues of renewed urban neighborhoods and tucked down rural roads. At last count, Philly and its surrounding countryside had more than 300 BYOBs—and the scene continues to expand.

What Is A BYOB?:


En Español

Dec 31 2013

A New Wave Of Authentic Taquerias & Roving Trucks Make Philly A Bona Fide Taco Town

South Philly Leads The City’s Taco Craze

Little by little, Philly’s turned into a bona fide taco town. Between the mom-and-pop taquerias of South Philly, tried-and-true tequila bars, a roving pack of lunch trucks and the newest crop of gringo-owned joints, there’s truly a taco for everyone and their hermano. Here’s where the hungry masses can get their tacos on:

New-Wave Mexican:

  • Fishtown’s divey Loco Pez found its inspiration in L.A.’s fusion-y taco trucks, and the result is a mix-and-match menu of fun and sometimes unexpected flavors. There’s the Gabacho (ground beef in a crispy shell), for instance, or a seitan-and-spinach combo for the vegan crowd.
Jul 29 2013

Passion For The Pie: Philly's Pizza Secrets Revealed

Plus, Newcomer Pizzeria Vetri Dishes Out Deliciousness

Few openings get the kind of anticipatory buzz that’s surrounding Pizzeria Vetri, celebrity chef Marc Vetri’s fifth Philadelphia restaurant and his first to exclusively focus on the pie. With an 8,500-pound wood-burning oven, the Fairmount parlor is sure to turn out pizza like no other when it opens this summer.

Yet that’s just the tip of the crust as it were. There’s a world of pizza secrets to explore in the Philadelphia region, from a suburban “speakeasy” to some rightfully picky pizza makers to dough-throwing classes in chefs’ open kitchens. Here are just a few ways to take a passion

May 29 2013

Veg Out: Many Philly-Area Eateries Make Vegans, Vegetarians & Gluten-Free Diners Feel Right At Home

The Region Offers Numerous Culinary Options For The Non-Carnivores

Over the past decade, the number of vegetarians in the U.S. has increased from about one in 100 to nearly one in 30, according to polls from the Vegetarian Resource Group and the Vegetarian Times. Veg-loving visitors to Philly have plenty of options from which to choose—upscale white tablecloth restaurants dishing out inventive vegetable creations to casual spots serving up raw foods and gluten-free dishes. Here are some spots worth checking out:

Destination Dining:

  • Vegetable lovers head to Bucks County, where Mike Jackson’s Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille turns out creative, big-portioned vegetarian food (no meat substitutes) in a cozy,
May 21 2013

Every Day Is A Good Day To Shop At Farmers' Markets In Philly

Philadelphia’s Markets Make Fresh, Local Food More Accessible Than Ever

Situated amidst richly fertile farmland and home to innovative urban growing projects, Philadelphia is a market-goer’s dream. The open-air stalls dotting the city and countryside—from the bustling energy of the indoor Reading Terminal Market to the gingham-clothed tables of the Phoenixville Market—collectively connect consumers to freshly grown and produced food every day of the week. With many now accepting electronic payments, Philly’s growing roster of markets has made eating fresh, local food a way of life for its residents. Here are just a few places to find seasonal goodies and support area farms:

Year-Round Markets:

  • The only farmers’
Jul 15 2013

Philly's Coffee Scene Is Hot And Strong

The Philadelphia Region Buzzes With A Caffeine Fest And Cafe Culture

The wave of coffee enthusiasm is clearly here to stay in Greater Philadelphia. The first Coffee & Tea Festival, to be held November 2-3 at the Philadelphia Expo Center, will celebrate local love for the mighty bean with exhibitions, tastings, classes and more. Of course, the region’s java scene has been percolating for years now: Cafes roast their own signature beans, baristas specialize in perfectly engineered espressos and coffeehouses use one-of-a-kind La Marzocco machines. From an Australian flat white to a Chemex-brewed cuppa, the possibilities for delicious caffeination are endless. Here are just a few area favorites:

Signature Beans:

Aug 8 2012

Coming Often To A TV Screen Near You: Philly's Best Restaurants, Chefs & Dishes

City’s Food Scene Tempts The Taste Buds On National TV Shows

Philadelphia is full of edible treasures, and national food shows are recognizing the region’s arrival as a delicious dining town by filming segments and entire programs that show off top restaurants, stellar dishes and expert chefs. Whether it’s the Throwdown with Bobby Flay episode showcasing Tony Luke’s classic cheesesteak, the Man v. Food segment featuring the enormous Mt. Vesuvius sundae at The Franklin Fountain or any number of The Best Thing I Ever Ate highlights, there’s real flavor behind the hype. Here’s a look at a few of the great local eats that have been given the television treatment:


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